Cap And Ball Pistol One Shot

Cap and Ball Pistol One Shot

  • ROF- 1
  • RELOAD- 1
  • SHORT- 0-3
  • MEDIUM- 3-7
  • LONG- 7-12
  • EXTREME- 12-26

Weapon Speed- Below Average


The Model 1842 Single Shot Percussion Navy Pistol, caliber .54 smooth bore was manufactured by N.P. Ames, Springfield, Mass. and Henry Deringer, Philadelphia. from 1842 through 1847. The estimated total quantities for the Ames production was 2,000 of which all were delivered to the Navy by 1845. The 1842 Ames model U.S. Navy pistol represents the first percussion pistol ever made and delivered under contract to the U.S. government.

Cap And Ball Pistol One Shot

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