Cap And Ball Revolver Six Shot

Cap and Ball Revolver Six Shot

  • ROF- 3
  • RELOAD- 1
  • SHORT- 0-3
  • MEDIUM- 3-7
  • LONG- 7-12
  • EXTREME- 12-26

Weapon Speed- Below Average


Colt Cap and Ball 36 Caliber Navy Revolver

Around 200,000 Colt Navy revolvers were made by Colt between 1860 and 1873. Nearly all were made during the War. It had a six shot cylinder and a 7½" or (more common) an 8" barrel. The standard cylinder featured an engraved scene of a naval battle. 36 Caliber was known as Navy. Many Colt 36 Navy were carried into the field by the Army.

It was loaded with loose blackpowder and a bare bullet referred to as “cap and ball,” or with paper cartridges. Loading a cap and ball revolver is from the front of the cylinder. It was then fired with percussion caps. Misfires in cap and ball revolvers were more common than in the subsequent metallic cartridge guns.

Cap And Ball Revolver Six Shot

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