Double Action Revolver Five Shot (Adams Navy)

Double Action Revolver Five Shot

  • ROF- 3
  • RELOAD- 1
  • SHORT- 0-4
  • MEDIUM- 4-10
  • LONG- 10-20
  • EXTREME- 20-40

Weapon Speed- Average


American made Adams/Massachusetts Arms Company 5 shot .36 caliber double action Navy percussion revolver. A large number of Adams revolvers were used by both sides during the Civil War. These include the 500 or so bought by the government from The Massachusetts Arms Company during the period of 1857 to 1861 and 1,049 imported English made Adam revolvers purchased on the open market from 1861 – 1866. Additionally, at least 1,000 Adams are known to have ran the blockade into the South. Many were also privately purchased by officers on each side.

Double Action Revolver Five Shot (Adams Navy)

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