Double Action Revolver Five Shot(Beaumant-Adams)

Double Action Revolver Five Shot

  • ROF- 3
  • RELOAD- 1
  • SHORT- 0-4
  • MEDIUM- 4-10
  • LONG- 10-20
  • EXTREME- 20-40

Weapon Speed- Average


Beaumant-Adams 54 Caliber Five Shot Revolver

On 20 February 1856, Lieutenant Frederick E.B. Beaumont of the Royal Engineers was granted a British patent for improvements to the Adams revolver which allowed them to be cocked and fired either cocking the hammer as in Colt single-action revolvers, or by just pulling the trigger. It was the first true double-action system. Beaumont was granted a US Patent on 3 June of the same year.

In partnership with George and John Deane, the company of Deane, Adams & Deane produced the new revolver in a variety of calibres and sizes, from pocket pistols to large military versions. The United Kingdom officially adopted the 54-bore (.442 calibre) Beaumont-Adams in 1856, Holland and Russia following soon after. The new revolver gave Robert Adams a strong competitive advantage and Samuel Colt shut his London factory due to a drop in sales.

Double Action Revolver Five Shot(Beaumant-Adams)

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