Double Action Revolver Six Shot

Double Action Revolver Six Shot

  • ROF- 3
  • RELOAD- 1
  • SHORT- 0-4
  • MEDIUM- 4-10
  • LONG- 10-20
  • EXTREME- 20-40

Weapon Speed- Average


Colt 1878 SAR Six Shot .45 Caliber

Samuel Colt died in 1862, so he never saw his cylinder guns reach their evolutionary pinnacle: the double-action revolver. In 1877, Colt came out with its first double-action, the medium-frame Lightning. It was originally chambered only in .45 Colt. But the introductory announcement heralded the Double Action Frontier as “Colt’s New Double Action, Self-Cocking, Central Fire, Army Six Shot .45 in. caliber, Revolving Pistol.” For those unfamiliar with the concept, the circular explained: “It can be cocked by the thumb, if preferred, or can be cocked and fired by pulling the trigger.”
The 1878 was blued with checkered walnut stocks or nickeled with gutta percha. It used the same angled ejector and 4¾", 5½" and 7½" barrels as the SAA, (plus 2½" to 12" rarities), and featured a similar, albeit flatter, loading gate.

The graceful frame and bird’s head grip were one-piece, and the trigger guard was separate. The Model 1878 had a lowered and shortened hammer spur, with a circular panel on the frame’s left side to provide access to the internal mechanism. To make “self cocking” effective, the mainspring was lighter than normal, which unfortunately resulted in misfires. In addition, the complex mechanism, as intricate as a pocket watch but less precise, repeatedly got out of time. A total of 51,210 Model 1878s were made.

Double Action Revolver Six Shot

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