Rifle 15 shot (Winchester)

R15 Model 73 Winchester


ROF- 3
SHORT- 0-20
MEDIUM- 20-40
LONG- 40-80
EXTREME- 80-200

Weapon Speed- Slow


Winchester Model 1873 15 shot 44-40 rimfire caliber

One of the most successful, and certainly one of the most famous Winchester rifles was the Winchester Model 1873. Originally chambered for the .44-40 cartridge, it was later produced in .38-40 and .32-20, all of which were also popular handgun cartridges of the day. Due to feeding problems, the original Model 1873 was never offered in the military standard .45 Colt cartridge. Winchester produced three variations of the Model 1873: the rifle, carbine, and musket (although the musket variation accounted for less than 5-10 percent of those produced). The rifle variation used a 24" barrel, while the carbine used a 20" barrel. The carbine was the most popular due to its portability, as well as allowing its users to conveniently carry one type of ammunition for both their rifles and pistols. Winchester produced over 720,000 carbines, making them hugely popular and readily available on the frontier. This popularity has led the Model 1873 to be credited as “The Gun that Won the West”

Rifle 15 shot (Winchester)

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