Single Action Revolver Twelve Shot

Single Action Revolver Twelve Shot


Weapon- SAR12
ROF- 3
Reload- 1
Short- 0-3
Medium- 3-8
Long- 8-16
Extreme- 16-34

Weapon Speed- Below Average


Walch Navy dbl trigger 36 Caliber

A very rare Civil War era Walch 12-Shot Navy Revolver. Cal. 36. Blue finish with 6" octagon barrel & brass pin front sight. Barrel without markings. It has the usual 12-shot cylinder with corresponding twelve nipples at the rear with two hammers & two triggers in frame. It is a single action revolver & both hammers are cocked simultaneously & the triggers are staggered so that a right hand person will pull front trigger first which drops right hammer & fires front load. Once these six are fired, the second trigger is used for the last six loads.

Single Action Revolver Twelve Shot

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