Target Rifle One Shot

Target Rifle One Shot


Weapon- TR1
ROF- 1
Reload- 1
Short- 0-40
Medium- 40+-100
Long- 100+-210
Extreme- 210+-500

Weapon Speed- Very Slow


Whitworth 451 Caliber Target Rifle

This is a Whitworth rifle set up for long range shooting. Fitted with a Pedersoli Long Range Rear Sight, Hadley Eye Cup, Lyman Globe Front Sight with inserts, Sling and Custom Hard Wood Case, with Powder Tube and Dewey cleaning rod. Also comes with 535gr Hex Bullet Mold. It fired a unique, hard metal, hexagonal-sided bullet with a very long aspect ratio (.445 inches by 1.45 inches, or 2½ times its diameter) that gave it superior ballistic performance at extended ranges. In order to give his long bullet the same 530-grain weight as that of the Enfield, Sir Joseph reduced the caliber to .451. Seventy to eight-five grains of British-manufactured powder launched the bullet at twelve hundred to fourteen hundred feet per second, considerably faster than the Enfield. A bullet fired from a Whitworth At 200 yards is traveling faster than a bullet just exiting an Enfielfds muzzle!

The rifle came with a 36-inch barrel, which made for an overall length of 52½ inches. It had a hexagonal bore and a fast 1:20 twist. It has no safety bolt and an Enfield-style hammer; open sights, with a blade front being adjustable for windage allowance, and a stock which extends to within a short distance of the muzzle, giving the rifle a snub-nosed appearance."
The fact remains that the Whitworth could and did strike at a thousand yards and beyond. “The claim of ‘fatal results at 1,500 yards,’” is no foolish boast. Options include a Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics circa 1855 styled 6x "Wm. Malcolm" scope.

Target Rifle One Shot

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