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The Next Step

Write down bonuses for Stats

Now that you have returned, you have;

*Your stats percentiles written down
*Your character named

Now you need to know how to get your stat bonuses and modifiers, and then write each of them down on your character sheet! Here is a table with what you need to know for EACH of your characteristics. Take your percentile rolls you originally received and MATCH them up with the number on the left side of the chart below. Then, make sure you write the bonuses down for EACH statistic on your Character sheet and that they are written in the correct spot.

The first chart is for your SPEED ability.
Speed chartNext, we have a chart that is used for both GUN and THROWING ACCURACY. Make sure you follow the pre-rolled numbers in the order they were received, and remember Gun Accuracy is FIRST and Throwing accuracy is SECOND.
Gun and throwing accuracy chart
Here is the Strength Chart. This is not only your ‘hit points’ for your Character, but determines the size, and brawn.
Strength chart
Now on the bravery chart you have TWO modifiers. One for the ability AND one for the accuracy. There should be two spots on your character sheet for them both, seperated by a “/”.
Bravery chart
And lastly we have the experience chart. And hopefully you can rise up this chart quickly! Check here everytime you are told that you advance.

Experience chart

Now, take a minute to fill out all of the stat blanks with what you need to know. That should be enough to complete your character sheet stats. Now you are chomping at the bit to start, but first you need to visit the General Store.

But….you say, “I don’t have any money, yet!!” Everyones player Character starts with the same amount, $150. Use it wisely. If you buy weapons, investigate them by clicking on the links inside the General Store and reading all the additional information to see if it is what your Character needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some stuff at the General Store or at the stables in town, the Burned Bush Wells Stables and the Broken Arrow Stables

In addition, after you check out each weapon, see all the additional charts you may need right here. Give yourself a “Base Chance to Hit” and a ‘First Shot’ by adding up all of your bonuses and penalties for each weapon. Write what you need down on your Character sheet so it will finally be ready. But wait! You need to make a player character online for the game!

Take a look at the player Character The Colonel. Create your own online game character based on this example. I rolled him up with the same stats link you used for yours. If you wish, on your online Character, you can link back to your weapon by putting Double Brackets on both sides of the pages name. For example, to get the knife link, I put double brackets around “hunting-knife” which is the name of the page. If you have two knives, note that on your character sheet too. Once you have that, add additional items and links as needed. Now you are done. Now that wasn’t that hard was it? It was?

You can email me directly at if you have comments to make this process easier or you need help with your Character. Otherwise, you can read the FAQ’s below, AND THEN you can go to The Adventure Log and begin play!


FAQ- So how does posting go on your site. What about OOC and IC and stuff?

Answer- Third person seems to solve all the problems, so I like that. For Example;

Tom went over to the wagon full of supplies. He shouted to the wagon driver, “I am plum out of blackpowder this week Andy…come back after the first!” Andy nodded and unlocked the wagon brake.

This allows direct comments from the players, and tells the story without a bunch of additional rules. The only thing frowned upon is involving other player Characters. Each Player Character writes his own script.

FAQ- So, for example, I am at the General Store..who posts, and where do they post? And what do you do when you are done?

Answer- The new player characters can post anywhere with a few exceptions. They cannot alter or change edits or scenes that have already been altered by me. Please use and alter settings but do not alter NPC’s stats. However, that having been said, USE the NPC’s any way you would like to further the storyline you want. Call them by name, and place a link back to their stats page. That is what they are there for. When you finish at the General Store, post a link as such;

Joe walks back to his room at the Metropolitan NOTICE- The link actually links back to the Metropolitan Hotel. Of course Joes next post would be back there somewhere, at the Hotel.

FAQ- How do you roll dice on-line and then apply it to the game?

Answer- The dice link at the top of every Campaign page is provided for allowing players to use and have a random dice roll they can copy and paste into their posts. If you haven’t seen it before, it is on the top right of this page and looks like a pair of rolling dice. The dice roll is copied and then placed directly into your post to determine what happened.

FAQ- You say that you actually do all combat inside of your posts. What is going on with that!?

Answer- You have been shown all the needed charts and rules. You have figured out all of the needed stats, AND you have created a Player Character with the needed stats copied inside it. All you have to do is go through town roleplaying with NPCS or PCS and if you need to fight, create a new wiki and go at it! Base speeds have modifiers applied. See who goes first. Base accuracy has modifiers applied. Roll dice. determine wounds/death/location. See this Gunfight example

FAQ- Doesn’t that make a lot of confusing WIKI pages? You already have so many!

Answer- Its a town. There is a lot going on. And Gunfights anywhere require creation of a new wiki. Use the following naming system for ALL Player created wikis – Gunfight #1 OR Gunfight #35. That way they can be maintained correctly. (I know all situations won’t REALLY be a gunfight….some will be a brawl, some will be a bear attacking you…just put it down as a gunfight and all will be smooth.) Follow the thread and the example gunfight here

FAQ- What if the player is attacking another player instead of an NPC? How does that combat work?

Answer- The same as player vs: NPC. All actions and rolls are noted on the wiki, and when combat arises, a new wiki is created with only the combat on that new page. This new page is created by placing double brackets around the new page name such as [[Gunfight #1]]. This is moderated by the GM and input is from all players and non-player characters who want to participate on that Gunfight page. Any needed dice rolls are pasted right into the wiki. If input is not received on a timely basis, actions on the Gunfight combat site will reflect this and in rare cases editing may be done by the GM to resolve actions.

FAQ- What do you mean, “actions on the combat site will reflect this” re: the combat wiki.

Answer- If it appears that once a gunfight has begun that one party is avoiding posting for longer than 24 hours without reason or contact to the GM or other player(s), actions will take place without the input of the offending player. In most cases, the player character fighting an NPC will be resolved within minutes or a few short hours. Of course, player versus player conflict may take longer.

FAQ- So what if I don’t want to gunfight anyone and want to just be a townfolk and roleplay?

Answer- That is an excellent profession to work towards. Once your character is ‘rolled up’ you can take whatever avenue you wish. If you wish to be a carpenter, or another typical profession, that will be a great profession for you, however, there is a small chance that there might be a time in the future that for whatever reason, you need to buy a gun to defend yourself or take up a weapon to revenge someone,(or be a posse member), and in that event, your skills are there and in place. Otherwise, simply be the good and steady townsfolk that are needed everywhere!

FAQ- Suppose someone plays the Marshall NPC much different than what I would. I need the Marshall to be normal and someone is making him simply insane?!

Answer- Its pretty cut and dried how the NPC’s feel, and most of the town alliances are already in place. Go to the Characters page and see if you have read all there is to read on him. If you want to see further information on anything in particular, search for the Module BURNED BUSH WELLS by Jeff Grubb. Trust the others who play by post to do the right thing. Another option is to gather all the NPC’s friend together and explain that the NPC Marshall has gone insane, and then gather help to try and confine him in the jail, (until he comes to his senses!) haha. But really, that is what the GM is for. Stay within the boundaries as best you can.

FAQ- Don’t you feel that you are violating the TSR Copyrights by posting some of their material?

Answer- Firstly, we are talking about a game that is almost 40 years old. If anything, putting out information about this will get people interested in the game and may drive some sales! Secondly, if anyone in the world goes to GOOGLE and types in BOOT HILL RULES, there will be at least two full pdf’s of the game rules available for free to download on the first search page. SCRIBD and others have collections of the entire genre. I have used nothing here that is not freely available via download on the internet and being freely circulated by many sources.
Burned bush wells ii