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Thanks for visiting this Play by Post game and hopefully you can be started posting in just a few minutes! Burned Bush Wells is a scenario from the golden days of role-playing and involves an RPG called Boot Hill which first came out in 1975. The thing most people don’t realize about the game of Boot Hill is its ease of play and its deadly game mechanics.

In this game can you be killed with a single bullet? It is certainly possible. Can someone take 8 wounds from 8 bullets and LIVE? It is not only possible in the game, but this actually happened in real life to Cole Younger who rode with the James/Younger Gang(see David Carradine in clip below). He was shot eight times during the robbery and then was locked up in jail for a long, long time.

The Long Riders

The important thing to remember in this play by post game, is it is YOUR game and your decisions. Once you walk or ride into town, your character is played exactly how you believe he or she should be played. There are no classes or limitations or alignments to worry about. Rules are few and far between. Use the dice generator when needed for gunfighting, and then copy the results into the posts you write. The only restrictions is that we ask you to uphold the pg-13 status of the game.

An Overview of Burned Bush Wells

Burned Bush Wells is located in the Northwestern corner of El Dorado County, in the foothills of the Timbercreek Mountains. Two reliable wells South of town make it a regular stop for cattle drives, and a recent silver strike at Panther Hollow 2 years back turned Burned Bush Wells into a boomtown for awhile. A stageline was started to connect to Promise City, but the strike quickly ran out and the stage line was dropped. Cattle drives and ranchers are now the lifeblood of the town.

November 1878, is beginning the coldest Winter on record, and already snow is piled 6 feet high or higher in the hills and mountains. The local ranchers have enough worries, but on top of those, the wolves, coyotes, and other predators are leaving the high country and attacking their cattle. Phil Singer, the owner of the General Store is offering a large bounty on predators. Drifters and unemployed ranch hands are travelling there and accepting his generous offer so they too can make it through the winter.

First things first!

Use THIS LINK to create the 5 stats needed for your character. Don’t worry, the dice page will pre-populate for you. All that is needed from you is filling in YOUR email address in the needed blank, and putting your new characters name on the SUBJECT line, then clicking on the button called ROLL DICE! This will in turn automatically send the GM and you a copy of your pre-rolled stats for the game. Or, if you don’t want to wait the few seconds to receive an email, you can just copy the finished results from the dice web site. (FYI, dice rolled on this page can be verified at any given time by a unique checksum that the GM receives)

Once you get a copy of your stats from this website, your initial rolls are all complete. If you don’t already have a Boot Hill character sheet, download one from here Character Sheet Look under ‘Boot Hill’ 1979 rules for the character sheet, and print it out.

Write your stats down just as the abilities appear on the sheet…The first stat goes under
% rolled SPEED. The next one goes under % rolled GUN ACCURACY, (and so on for the rest of the skills). When you get to EXPERIENCE and number of GUNFIGHTS, of course you would write down ‘0’ because you have had no gunfights yet, and we don’t roll a die for that. Put your Characters name at the top of the Character Sheet and then we can proceed to, The Next Step

Burned bush wells

Burned Bush Wells - An Online Boot Hill Play by Post Campaign

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