Metropolitan Hotel

Metropolitan hotel b15The other major Hotel in town is the Metropolitan. A two story wooden building painted slate grey. The first floor has the lobby, dining room, kitchen, a stone fireplace and chimney, and quarters for three female servants. The second floor holds nine vacant rooms, plus quarters for Col. Hill and Dr. Klaber. Another room reached both from the hall and the outside stair, has been remodeled as Klabers office. The Metropolitan is considered the best in town: rooms are $.85/night, meals are $.60.
After Gunfight #1

The Colonel is hauled into Doc Klabers office. “Hurry up boys, He’s bleeding out fast…throw him up here on the table.” The Colonel is tossed up on a large examination table. He is unconcious and unresponsive. “Tell my boy I need some towels for the blood,” Klaber says to one of the men in the room. The door flies open as he runs to get the Doc’s boy. Doc has rolled his sleeves and is already tearing and cutting clothing away. In just a few minutes he is holding a vein in the Colonels leg with a forceps, trying to stop the bleeding. Doc’s boy is wiping up blood from the floor. Doc looks at the face of the unconcious Colonel while he rapidly works and says, “Mister…you are one lucky individual that you have a Doctor working on you that don’t care that you are a ruthless killer…”
The Colonel wakes as the bright sun shines in the window. A maid is leaving clean towels and cleaning. “What is your name and what day is this?” whispers the Colonel. He reaches unsteadily for a pitcher of water. The maid rushes to the bedside and grabs the Colonels arm and helps him pour some water.

“I am Claudette Mssr. I am the maid here in the Metropolitan.” Claudette says with a thick French accent.

As Colonel sips the water, she says, “I have seen you here for 9 days now. Sometimes you seem better, and sometimes worse.” She smooths down the new pillow cover in her hands and swaps pillows with the one under the Colonels head. She looks deeply into his eyes, “You need to get much better Mssr., Claudette, DEMANDS it!” she says with a smile. The Colonel smiled and then drifted back to sleep.

Metropolitan Hotel

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